Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

  Reviewed by J. I was disappointed by this book. It had a lot of potential, but the end result was very poorly executed.  
The book’s beginning is a bit misleading. If I had started reading this book with no idea what the story was about — a magical fairy realm — then I would think it was a sappy teen romance, to be honest. It takes about 50 pages for the story to get started. 

One of the main problems I had with this was that Meghan, the main character, had about as much personality as a potted plant. She goes along with anything, and when she finds out that her brother was kidnapped by fairies, she doesn’t hesitate to believe it. 

Another problem is that Meghan’s voice was just so unrealistic. Most of the book is full of her dialogue and internal thoughts, which were very excessive. Also, Meghan repeatedly talks to herself in the third person, which annoyed me because who does that? 

The author needed to work on her writing style. I applaud Ms. Kagawa for her bold and original plot, but her writing style just didn’t work. It was very simple, with little to no challenging words. It sort of felt like this book was written by a child. 

Overall, I was not a fan of this book. If you like the kind of fantasy books that involve magical worlds and creatures, then this is probably the book for you. 

Final score: 1.5 stars. 


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