Review: The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver

Reviewer: J

This novel was interesting with a unique premise, but it needed a bit of help in the execution department. 

First… let’s discuss the plot. It centers around twins Maddy and Ella, who both get into a terrible car accident. The story was sad, but the writing did nothing to show sadness in the characters. In fact, I’d say a large chunk of the book was missing due to total lack of emotion. Anyway, Maddy doesn’t survive the accident, and Ella decides to pretend to be her. I could not fathom what the purpose of doing that was. Also, I would have loved if the book focused more on the two girls’ relationship rather than the high school drama. 

Next, the writing style was very bland and simple, but it wasn’t one of my main concerns. I think it could be easily fixed by sprinkling in a few descriptive and challenging words here and there. 

Although Ella, the protagonist, was a little indistinguishable at times, I enjoyed watching her character develop. 

I have a lot of problems with this book, but overally it wasn’t unpleasant to read, hence the bumped-up rating. 

Rating: 3 stars


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