Review: September Girls by Bennett Madison

Reviewer: E                            July 2015

September Girls is a lovely summer story of the ocean. 

It’s about 17-year-old and recently motherless Sam whose dad decides to move him and his brother to a sleepy beach town inhabited by pretty blonde Girls. Sam knows there’s something off about them, but then he falls in love with one of the Girls, DeeDee. 

This book is a clever spin on The Little Mermaid. The story was intriguing, with just the right amount of eeriness. Lacking enough conflict and interest in some areas, it made up for it with 3D characters and a complex romance. Instalove and cheesiness are nowhere to be found here! 

The writing was entertaining 98% of the time with only a few boring moments. Mr. Madison really set the mood of the scenes with good technique and use of language. I could really put myself in Sam’s shoes. Hats off to the author! 

September Girls is a mysterious read recommended for any mermaid, drama, and romance YA fans. Four out of five stars. 😉 


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