Review: Panic by Sharon M. Draper

Reviewer: E                            July 2015

Panic is a mediocre book with a good lesson behind it. 

It’s about competitive dancer Diamond, who would do anything to dance onscreen. And by anything I mean anything, even going to a “filmmaker” from the mall’s home and getting yourself kidnapped. Seriously, girl! The book focuses on her experiences as well as her friends’ attempts to keep living life back home. The plot was pretty flat and uninteresting, to be honest, with only a few action scenes. However, it teaches a valuable lesson of the bad people in the world and what they can do. 

The characters and dialogue in Panic were extremely stuff and juvenile. “It totally saved me. It’s like somehow he knew that dancing made me feel real.” “OMG! What if I forget?” Oh, okay. Yep. If one of my friends said that to me, I would start checking for a concussion. Literally. The angelic characters did have a tight bond and stick to their passions, which was good but unrealistic. 

The writing in this book was, I felt, very oversimplified. It needed a little more spice, you know? Some flowery descriptions here and there traded out for the heavy product placement would’ve made all the difference. Alas, Ms. Draper seems to mostly rely on telling rather than showing. The writing style in Panic was a step down from Out Of My Mind, which I loved. She does craft an inspiring tale in this book. If only real-life kidnappings were all resolved so happily. 😉 

The book is a light read with darker themes recommended for fans of contemporary fiction. Two out of five stars. 


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