Review: Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

Reviewer: J

I’m a little conflicted on how to review this book, because I loved reading it, but there were a few problems. 

For the beginning of this review, it seems fitting to discuss the beginning of the book. It was all over the place. It truck-dumps the reader into the middle of a somewhat complex plot. It took me a while to get a sense of what had happened. I wondered for a bit if I had picked up a sequel by accident!

For the first half of the book, the same flashback was repeated many, many times. Okay, it wasn’t literally the same flashback, but the message was the same every time. The main character Frances survived a near-death aquatic experience. That’s what they all were trying to say. It’s helpful the first time, but I think the other 5 or so flashbacks could’ve been omitted.  

Once this book’s plot got going, I couldn’t put it down! I discovered that it actually was quite beautifully written as the book went on. I thought the mystery elements of the book were also very enticing. And I thought Carrie Ryan did a great job at conveying character emotions. I would recommend this. 

Rating: 4 stars


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