Review: Ash by Malinda Lo

Reviewer: E                      August 2015

Ash is a decent read (with potential and diversity) that needed to be fleshed out, but okay overall. 

The book centers on Ash, a poor orphan made to serve her stepmother and stepsisters. It has nice fantasy and fairy tale elements and is overall a clever retelling of Cinderella. Yet you can only put a ‘spin’ on a fairytale so many times…which left the plotline feeling a little used. The plot didn’t really progress throughout the book. It was still enjoyable for me to read, however, I do love a classic fairytale! 🙂 

The writing in Ash was well done- Ms. Lo certainly knows her stuff. Good techniques were used throughout. Some spots I found to be a bit tedious. 

The characters were not too complex and slightly 2D, unfortunately. I didn’t really connect with the main characters, which is always difficult. The romance with Ash and Kaisa was really sweet and I saw their connection clearly. The Ash/Sidhean romance felt more like a hasty and forced love triangle. 

It may seem like I didn’t enjoy Ash, but I did- it was good despite its technical flaws. Would recommend to fantasy/fairytale/romance fans or anyone looking for an LGBTQ book. 3/5 stars. 😀 


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