Review: 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

Reviewer: J

100 Sideways Miles is a cute coming-of-age read, but it lacks some substance. 

My main concern is that nothing much happens over the course of the plot. It’s very similar to most other “road trip” novels I’ve read. It lacked some charm, something to make it stand out. Also, the main events of the story (freak accidents, etc.) were really unrealistic, yet they continued to happen throughout the entire book. 

I ended up liking the characters a lot, especially the main character. The characters were realistically flawed, yet I loved how they were also likable and smart. I also liked that the main character was epileptic but he was still portrayed as being just like everyone else. The author did a great job on normalizing the disability. 

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the writing style, because it was packed with amazing voice, yet it was rather tell not show and not very descriptive. The author kept the tone very honest, and I appreciated that. But the writing style sort of slowed down the whole story and made it more tedious. 

Overall, this was an okay book, but it fell a little flat. 

Rating: 3 stars


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