Feed by M. T. Anderson

Reviewer: J

Feed had an interesting premise, but needed a bit better execution. 

I thought the plot of this book was amazing and unique. It’s about a society where everyone has a virtual smartphone implanted in their brain. It was sort of uncanny how similar that is to current technology, since this book was written almost 15 years ago. 

But I had a problem with the writing. It felt really bland and not descriptive at all. Granted, it wasn’t that big of an issue, but it sort of disconnected me from the story. 

The characters felt fairly relatable, and they were pretty well developed, so that makes up for the writing in my opinion. I liked how the main cast each had different relationships with one another. 

Overall, Feed was thoroughly original and enjoyable. I’d recommend it to any science fiction fans or anyone who loves imagining the future. 

Rating: 4 stars


2 thoughts on “Feed by M. T. Anderson

  1. Great review! I had to read this book for my Y.A. Literature course in college and I felt the same way. I thought the plot of the book was interesting and it really makes you think that Internet in people’s heads really isn’t that far off. I got a Fahrenheit 451 vibe from it. But I also had trouble with the writing which was a huge put off for me in this novel.

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