Review: Believarexic by JJ Johnson

Reviewer: J

*Free copy of this book from NetGalley.* Whoa. I was super shocked by this book (in a good way!)

Since this book is about eating disorders, I thought it would be some sort of overdramatic, cheesy sobfest. But I was really wrong! I loved how this book gave a really honest and somewhat brutal look inside the mind of someone suffering from bulimirexia. 

I also loved how it went over many darker and more complicated topics. Like I said, it didn’t sugarcoat things. 

It was very well written too! I liked the use of figurative language and just overall imagery. All through the book I had a clear mental picture which I can’t say about most books. 

And the character bonds were amazing. It was so great how a group of girls, each fighting different personal battles, banded together and supported each other like sisters. 

Overall, this book is so great! I highly recommend it and I think you should all read it once it comes out in October. 

Rating: 4.5-5 stars


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