Review: When Destinies Collide by Shirl Rickman

Reviewer: E 

I recieved an Ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

When Destinies Collide was an okay book. Not bad, but not the best. 

It is about a girl, Selene, who is living with her aunt after her mother died. She meets the town mayor’s son Drake and the two kiss kiss fall in love. The plot was kind of overdone, in my opinion. It didn’t have much…flair…you know? Sort of your typical boy-meets-girl. Nothing special to me. 

The writing was good, but it was overshadowed by the fact that the whole book was just really cliche. There is such a fairy tale romance, silly conflicts, and abundance of cheesy scenes. It read like a Lifetime drama. Or like a Bravo special. I found myself slogging through some parts of the book. There were some scenes that kept repeating throughout the book. 

The characters seemed immature and unlikeable to me. Selene is just cold and mean and Drake is cocky and overconfident. They describe each other’s beauty and good looks so often, and I had to wonder how much their personalities mattered to each other. 

This book had a lot of potential, since the description mentioned individual back stories and the like, and I’m very sad to say that it was a little bit of a cheesy, airport romance novel in my opinion. Nice read, just not really my thing 🙂 Fans of romance/erotica (even though this isn’t erotica, it was written in more of that style) should give it a shot. 2/5 stars. 


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