Review: Another Day by David Levithan

Reviewer: E 

Another Day is the long-awaited (by me!) sequel to Every Day. I loved Every Day. It had a really original and enticing plot. Another Day has the same plot- A wakes up every day in a different body, but they fall in love with the same girl. This book is told from the perspective of the girl, Rhiannon. Again, the plotline is fresh, but since it’s basically the same thing in this book, it felt a little “same old same old”. 

The writing is amazing. I will say. Mr. Levithan is a very talented and accomplished writer, and he knew just how to draw in readers and keep them hooked on the beautiful prose. I read this book in one sitting. Unputdownable! I do complain about one thing: the dialogue was literally copy and pasted from the previous book in the series. So you’re pretty much reading the same exact book, however good it may be. 

The characters are quite relatable. Maybe not in the whole switching bodies sense, but A and Rhiannon are really just two normal kids trying to live a normal life. They are likeable and have good qualities, yet are realistically flawed and 3D. A and Rhiannon’s relationship is complex and heartfelt. 

All in all, Another Day was a good book. The content was awesome, but I’m sorry to say that it really was too similar to its predecessor. I’m not really sure how to rate this. 4/5 stars sounds good. I hope there will be a sequel!! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Review: Another Day by David Levithan

  1. I read Every Day and it’s one of my favourite diverse books, but I think I’ll pass on Another Day. I don’t think I liked Rhiannon enough to read a whole book from her perspective. And I don’t really want to read about her relationship with Justin, which I think will be a big part of her story.

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