Review: Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Reviewer: J

Magonia is one of those books where some people love it and others hate it, and practically no one has any other opinion. Well in my case, I’m happy to say I loved it!

The thing about it is that it’s very unique. Unique writing style, unique plot… eccentric would also be another good word to describe it. Some readers will love that but for some people that really doesn’t work for them, I just want to warn you. 

But I really liked the plot, I have to say! It started out as a contemporary/realistic fiction type, but that changed about 75 pages in. It became a fast-paced and super cool fantasy. 

And I know this is weird coming from me but I actually liked the side romance. (cue loud gasp. That’s right, folks, this review has a plot twist!)It added to the plot instead of taking away from it, which is really rare! And super amazing in general. It was also cool how there were almost 2 plot lines instead of one but they crossed over each other throughout. 

All in all, this was an awesome and beautiful story that I’d recommend all of you try! 

Rating: 5 stars


10 thoughts on “Review: Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

  1. Would you say this book has more of a YA or epic fantasy vibe? I am always hesitant to read books that have mixed reviews, but some of my favorite books have been like that! Thanks for the great review 🙂

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