Review: None of the Above by I. W. Gregorio

 None of the Above  
Reviewer: J

None of the Above was a beautifully diverse and intriguing read, but it focused too much on unnecessary things. 

First of all, this book focuses on a medical condition called intersex. I vaguely knew what it was, but this book helped a lot to educate me about it. It would also be a great book for someone who is intersex theirself, because this is the first and only YA book I’ve ever heard of thats written about the condition.  

I didn’t particularly care for our protagonist, Kristin. She was unaccepting of herself for pretty much the whole book. Even by the end she still doubted herself a bit and was a very static character. I’d prefer if the author showed how Kristin’s attitude changed over the course of the book instead of just remaining the same. 

This isn’t technically a critique on the book, but I wanted to add my comments on the cover. Not only is the simplistic, minimalist design beautiful, but the cover also relates to the book and I think it has a great job at attracting the right audience for the book. 

And now, for the most conflicted part of this review, we have the writing style. It was enjoyable, with just the right touches of flowery writing here and there, but (this will probably sound super weird) I felt like it read really archaicly? Like, it almost read like a historical fiction work rather than contemporary. I don’t know. Also, it focused a lot about friendship, relationship, and school drama, but like I mentioned before it would be even better if the story was more about self growth and coming of age. 

Overall, this is a fairly well-done and very unique debut from I.W. Gregorio. I’m excited to see what she will do in the future. 

Rating: 3.5 stars


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