Review: Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson

Reviewer: E


Dreamland is a much-anticipated September release, and I think it lived up to the hype. 

The book is about a girl, Dea, who discovers when she is little that she can “walk” or inhabit others’ dreams. Now 17,  she can’t go too long without walking or she’ll become very ill, so she does it secretly and tries her best not to be seen. She lives with her mysterious mom, who’s always running from “the monsters”, so Dea has moved around a lot. Then she gets attached to a new boy in town, and he sees her in his dream. One bad thing leads to another, and soon Dea herself is on the run. This plot was awesome. Really engaging. It seamlessly blended a concoction of different genres and story elements, something that not many writers can pull off. There were a lot of things going on, but instead of being chaotic and confusing,  Mr. Anderson made it exciting and interesting. 

The writing was excellent. It was packed with mood and great figurative language, literally great. Like, sentences that made me stop, reread it, reread it again, think: Wow. How cool/unique/gorgeous/ is that. This is a rather show-stopping  debut, and I haven’t seen much hype about it after its release (but maybe that’s just me). So I am here to tell all y’all that Mr. Anderson is officially on my radar, and that I would be psyched to read more of his work or even a Dreamland sequel. 

Let’s talk characters: I loved Dea and Connor, the two main characters. They were not perfect. They were not likeable. But I liked them because of that. Make sense? Not really? Cool. Just say the characters were… pretty good overall; albeit too similar to each other and a bit underdeveloped. 

So! If you like fantasy, magical realism, contemporary, and romance, this is a book for you. 4.5/5 stars.


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