ARC Review: Look Both Ways by Alison Cherry

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Reviewer: E 

Thanks so much to Delacourt and Random House Kids for providing me with an ARC! 

This book was an all-around more than decent read, but it was a little disappointing for me. 

The premise got me really excited for the book– a girl, Brooklyn, who comes from a family of actors finds her way into an acting school and then kind of falls in love with her roommate. Cool, right? Lots of stuff, something for everyone to like. But as the book went on, I felt like it slowly slipped into that cliché fluffy romance OMG OMG territory. 😦 When I came to a certain point in the book, the plot ground to a literal halt and didn’t really go anywhere for the rest of the book. It was way too romance-oriented. 

The writing was pretty good overall, entertaining. The beginning was really good and sucked me in but didn’t keep me enthralled all the way through. It was a nice break from the deep, meaningful book type (I love that, but it’s nice to have a polar opposite every once in a while). Some people like more fluffy stories, and I like it in small measures, but this was a bit of an overdose for me. 

The characters were okay. You can identify with Brooklyn, and like Zoe and whatever, but after that it’s just eh. There are lots of useless background characters and even the main ones are very 2D. I noticed an attempt to flesh them out by Ms. Cherry, but it really only scratched the surface. 

So overall, I give this book 3.5/5 stars. I was excited by it and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as great as I was expecting. There were a lot more directions this story could have gone, yet the author chose one that wasn’t too interesting. But! If you like romance, if you like, um, teen/mainstream/”OMG” romance (no other words to describe it) then this is definitely a book for you. Give it a try in June 2016! 


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