Review: A Song For Ella Grey by David Almond

 A Song for Ella Grey  
Reviewer: E 
A Song For Ella Grey got me pumped as Mr. Almond is an author I love. It lived up to my excitement. 

The book is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and it’s like a modern-day retelling of it, set in England. This version is about 17-year-old best friends Ella and Claire, from Claire’s POV. They struggle with family issues and relationships, and when they meet mysterious Orpheus, Ella falls for him, while Claire is left to helplessly stand by. I thought that was a pretty cool idea! The book had many underlying themes beneath the text about today’s society, love, and loss. I will say that some events happened way too fast and others were confusing. This book is a very interesting and deep read. 

Mr. Almond’s writing is quite poetic and gorgeous, again, the kind of stuff that you just reread and reread. That was the factor that made me love My Name Is Mina, and it is thankfully present in this book. The words are almost infused with a sense of magical surrealism. 

The characters were pretty well developed. You can identify and like Claire, as she is loyal in a quiet way, and she really proves it at the end– you’ll see. 😉 Ella is, like, kind of a “bad girl” type, but we can identify with her rebellious nature. People want to be more like Ella Grey, so they’ll like her a lot. Orpheus was a little too perfect, and there was an unnecessary cast of background characters. Just a little side note, I’m American so it was kind of fun(ny) to read the aggressively English story and dialogue. “Aye, me mate, t’was.” (And I was like: “Nah, bro! Let’s get a Big Mac!”) heheh. 

A Song For Ella Grey was overall an amazing, beautiful book that I’d recommend for any fans of mythology, magical realism, even the complexity of human nature. With the right mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking, I give it 4.5/5 stars. 


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