Review: Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid 

Reviewer: E 

Are they dead? Are they alive? Or are they… SCHROEDINGER’S BLOG? In all seriousness, I am really sorry about the inactivity lately, and I know J is, too. We’ve both been really busy with school, and sometimes it seems like we’re drowning in homework, instead of books, as it should be. I’m happy to report that Thanksgiving break (gobble gobble) is coming up, so there’ll definitely be new reviews up then. Okey smokey, let’s get on with the review! 

I don’t know if any of you remember, but this book has been on my TBR, Want to Read Wednesday, etc since the early summer. I was excited for it, and it was as I expected, which is always great. 🙂 

The book is about high school best friends Dave and Julia and their list of Nevers– cliché high school things that they’re never, ever going to do. In their last few months of senior year, Julia suggests breaking all the Nevers. While doing so, they realize that by trying so hard not to be cliche, they were missing out on high school. The plot took your everyday “best friends high school romance” and put a great twist on it, making something fresh and fun. Some scenes were– dare I say it– cliche, but intentionally so. 

I really enjoyed Mr. Alsaid’s Let’s Get Lost, which we have also reviewed. I felt his writing to be honest and relatable with just the right amount of flair. I’m pleased to say that that continued over to his next book. It sucked me in, so much that I dragged my kindle around with me until it was finished. I look forward to his future books, because so far they haven’t declined in quality at all, which is something that’s becoming increasingly rare in YA fiction these days… *shakes cane* 

The characters. They were kind of average. Dave was a little bit flat, and Julia was sometimes very 3D and spontaneous, but sometimes whiny, annoying, and clingy. The character that I liked the most was Gretchen, complex and sweet. The characters did have well-developed and strong emotional connections, which is what made some scenes painful and feels-worthy. Also, my complaint here is that everyone switched too fast from love interest to love interest. <3? </3? Whaaaat. 

And there you have it! Never Always Sometimes was overall engrossing, with some minor issues here and there. I would recommend this to fans of realistic fiction and romance, and, uh, how do I put it: “school stories”? Like the ones where teenagers navigate love? (???) Good enough. 😉 4.5/5 stars. 


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