ARC Review: Up to this Pointe by Jennifer Longo


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Reviewer: J

Some thoughts about this book:

  • Well first of all, thank you so much to Random House for sending me a review copy!
  • Second, this book wasn’t really my thing but I ended up liking it!
  • Third, y’all should preorder using my link above! 🙂

Ok, thank-yous and disclaimers aside, let’s start!

When I read the premise I was so so confused. A book about ballet… and best friends… and somehow Antarctica gets thrown into the mix, too? What? But the author integrated them really well, with the occasional overlap of events since the book switches between two locations/time periods. It’s a sweet contemporary about finding yourself, and I think it’d appeal to a lot of readers but the cover doesn’t do it any justice (which is probably why I was originally turned off by it.) Don’t get me wrong, it’s very well-drawn and designed, I recognized Noelle Stevenson’s work right away! I just think the cover sort of makes it look like it’s aiming for a more juvenile audience but it was more of a classic YA plot with some additions.

So, what’s it about? (I have some serious explaining to do what with the Antarctica subplot I mentioned earlier.) Our heroine Harper has been a ballerina all her life, along with her BFF Kate. They’ve sworn to a specific plan that involves them becoming professional ballerinas together at the San Francisco Ballet. But then Harper impulsively boards an Antarctica-bound airplane, following in the scientist footsteps of her relatives.

Harper started out as a bit of a cookie-cutter mold of a girl, but as the book progresses and the reader follows Harper’s journey, she becomes more and more relatable, and by the end I even felt sorry for her. Fun fact: the character Harper’s last name, Scott, is treated as some sort of legacy but the whole time I could only picture this guy:


I’ve been watching too much of The Office lately, if you can’t tell.

Anyway, this was a great and truly original book. If your reading style is anything like mine you’ll probably be saying, “Eh. Doesn’t intrigue me.” Well you should give it a try in January. Thanks for reading this.. whatever this is. Jumbled up mess of random opinions that I can’t seem to put into a coherent sentence.

Rating: 4.25 stars

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